• Job Title: Senior Sales Assistant
  • Industry: Luxury Retail
  • Location: Seoul
  • Level/Salary Range: Competitive package

Role and Major Business

Major Role

  • Optimization of Sale of products by carrying out the role of staff
  • Understanding of the store operation guidebook and assisting operation of store situations by applying it to store business
  • Understanding of company policies, coaching the staff by making full use of business-related knowledge, and contributing to maximization of sales

Required Business

  1. Staff Guidance
  • Setting a good example of sales staff by implementing customer service to all customers, and the best standard of product knowledge and skills in sales
  • Coaching of the staff and explanation of the headquarters’ guidelines whenever needed
  • Having clear communication with superior office and subordinates
  1. Customer Management & Increase in Sales
  • Required to have familiarity with polices on returns and exchanges, reservation, delivery, repairing, personalization, special order and other situations specified in Guidebook, and ability to apply these polices to real work situations
  • Required to accurately understand & observe the company grooming guidelines
  • Required to have full knowledge of the company-handled each product category, such as leather goods, shoes, ready-to wear and accessories, etc. to do coaching of staff based on such knowledge, and to create sales maximization through coaching of staff members and adequate product demonstration to customers based on it
  1. Inventory Control
  • Requested to assist the supervisor in confirming whether the sales staff properly accept, check, display, store and maintain goods
  • Requested to accurately do warehousing of goods, keep track of inventories, and implement opening and last-minute task in the absence of the supervisor
  • Required to understand and observe the principles and process of movement of goods between stores, and to keep the transfer paper involved in movement of goods
  1. Inventory Holding
  • Requested to assist the supervisor in confirming whether the window & store display is properly holding the visual merchandising according to the headquarters guidelines
  • Requested to maintain a safe store environment for customers and the staff
  • Required to keep the store environment clean in general and implement the general store cleanliness task when needed
  1. Keeping Store in good condition
  • Required to have the ability in accurately utilizing the sales management system, to check the storekeeping situation daily, and to report it to the superior, or report the contact situation to the liaison man in case there is a problem
  • Requested to lend assistance to the supervisor who confirms whether sales staff is accurately implementing the guidelines related to sales generation, payment and security regulation.
  • Requested to confirm the overall procedures related to sales generation, payment and security regulations
  • Required to be fully acquainted with and observe the headquarters’ overall regulation and rules, and to arrange for subordinates to implement it in the same way
  • Required to be fully acquainted with the corporate organizational chart and individual business division

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