• Job Title: Junior Store Supervisor
  • Industry: Luxury Retail
  • Location: Seoul
  • Level/Salary Range: Competitive Package

Major Role

  • The supervisor is required to optimize the sale of goods through the supervision and management of the sales staffs by division
  • The supervisor is requested to lend assistance to assistant store manager and store manager in their drawing diverse operation of the store situation
  • The supervisor is required to understand the contents of the guidebook on store operation and apply them to store business and in case of staff inquiries, the supervisor should be able to suggest a solution based on the guidebook

Required Duties

  1. Staff Management
  • Setting an example in the store by accurately observing the corporate grooming guidelines and guiding the staff properly by checking their grooming state
  • Getting the sale of goods into primacy through provision of the knowledge of goods, application of selling techniques, and interaction with customers
  • Having a close relationship with the staff members for the sales staff training, and lending close assistance to the store manager for the staff training and their qualitative improvement
  • Lending assistance to training and development of employees
  • Required to accurately deliver the business review, daily target & other matters in the absence of the store manager and assistant store manager or at a time of the morning assembly
  • Motivation of the employees to produce the best-level of performance for optimization of sales
  • Implementation of staff schedules decided by the store manager
  • Having clear communication with the superior office and subordinates
  1. Customer Management & Increase in Sales
  • Having the full understanding of corporate returns and exchange policies, reservations, delivery, repairing, special orders, and other matters, and suggesting the accurate guidelines on the basis of the polices
  • Required to have the understanding of standard attitude to be a role model of customer service, set up and implement the training program for improving the staffs’ skills in customer service
  • Required to have an adequate knowledge of the company-handled each product category, such as leather goods, shoes, ready-to-wear, and accessories, etc. and to deliver this knowledge to the employees through the in-store training
  • Required to make efforts to resolve the problem immediately and primarily in case of a customer complaint, report it to the superior and headquarters and ask for assistance if necessary
  • Required to confirm the customer database gathering, and to utilize it for the customer management and development through the analysis of customer data on the basis of this
  • Required to be able to understand the competitors’ report and monthly report, etc. and to analyze the store business through the system
  1. Inventory Control
  • Requested to confirm whether the sales staffs are properly receiving, checking, displaying, storing, and maintaining the goods
  • Advised to be equipped with the ability to accurately grasp the status of warehoused goods and inventory and to manage them
  • Requested to grasp and manage the product movement by closely being acquainted with the principles and process of inventory movement
  • Required to check the inventory information on the computer and the store quantity by physical count inspection every week
  1. Keeping a Store in Good Condition
  • Requested to be clearly acquainted with Visual Merchandising guidelines and maintain the window & store display to fit for guidelines
  • Requested to keep a safe store environment for customers and the staffs
  • Overall, it’s advisable to keep a clean store environment and, if necessary, to implement general cleanliness business for a store
  1. Store Operation
  • Advised to accurately utilize the business management system and to confirm the store maintenance situation; if there is a problem, the supervisor should be able to solve the adverse situation by reporting it to the superior or contacting a liaison man
  • Advised to be equipped with the ability to apply the retail computer system fit for a manager level
  • Requested to confirm whether all staff members are abiding by sales generation, payment procedure confirmation and security policy, etc.
  • Requested to get subordinates to identically implement the headquarters-provided total regulations and rules by being well-informed of and observing them
  • Requested to nicely utilize all needed functions based on the system, and particularly, to lend assistance to the understanding and finish of the reports in need; in case of need, the collected information should be shared with staff members and the headquarters
  • Advised to understand and observe the store-related records (i.e. gate card, etc.)
  • Required to come to work regularly
  • Requested to be in charge of store-opening & closing business, and if necessary, to implement the duty manager’s responsibilities

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