• Job Title: Junior Sales Assistant
  • Industry: Luxury Retail
  • Location: Seoul
  • Level/Salary Range: Competitive Package

Role & Major Business

Major Role

  • Required to understand brand and company history
  • Required to display, explain, and sell products by offering classic customer service
  • Required to provide the customer service pursuant to the company regulations, to maximize sales through adequate product knowledge, and accurate understanding of regulations, as well as to do his/her best for smooth store operation
  • Required to apply the superior’s directions and the contents of store management guidebook to daily store operation by accurately mastering them

Required Business

  • Sale of products by giving a story-telling impression to customers based on adequate knowledge through the aggressive mastering of product knowledge by category
  • Maintenance of classic customer service, after-sale service, and salesmanship
  • Accurate understanding of the headquarters guidelines about sale of product, exchange, refunding, repairing, personal repairs, and customer service with proper response to customers’ inquiries
  • Updating of the knowledge of Salesmanship, product information, and the headquarters regulations and procedures
  • Development and maintenance of proper customer information file by drawing up a thank-you card and implementing after-sale service technique
  • Carrying out cleanliness maintenance business including polishing, glass-cleaning and vacuuming
  • Carrying out inventory confirmation, inventory re-confirmation, tagging and daily product management and display product management including product cleanliness, etc.
  • Assisting in product packaging and product checkout
  • Assisting in checking the product movement
  • Immediate reporting to the supervisor or store manager (superior office) in case of violation of corporate regulations or guidelines
  • Engaged in stocktaking business by accommodating to product stocktaking schedule
  • Participation in training and meeting schedules
  • Aggressive listening to customers’ feedback on new product, and reporting it to the superior

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