The In-house Trainer reports to Director, and functionally to Regional Training Manager. This person is in charge of delivering coaching actions that are tailor-made to the boutique team and specific business needs of the store, in order to help the team member improve both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Title: In-house trainer

Industry: Luxury Industry

Location: Seoul, Korea

Package: Competitive Salary

  • Demonstrate excellent customer service and selling techniques.
  • Generate outstanding sales results, beyond the store average.
  • Share knowledge and experience with Sales Assistant to allow them to improve their performance.
  • Engage clients and make them loyal by conveying values.
  • Following Director’s priorities, define monthly coaching actions.
  • Spend most time on the floor and is a role model in selling and service. Supports team members’ sales interactions with confidence and sophistication.
  • Develop deep understanding of strengths and weaknesses of each team members. Give feedback and follow improvement. Identify key potentials in a team.
  • Attends every HK monthly trainings delivered by Regional Training Manager and adapt every content to fit the specific needs of the team in line with monthly objectives.
  • Monitor Mystery shopping results and develop action plans tailor made to every sales individual.
  • Support In-store Client Development Manager by assisting key store events and training other team members in improving CDM skills if needed.
  • Make sure every new joiner receives proper orientation program and build ad-hoc mentorship program by selecting mentors and buddies.
  • Follow-up the results of his actions.

                SALES / PERFORMANCE

  • Achieve top sales results through effective use of selling techniques, client telling and product knowledge, contributing to the global team performance.
  • Demonstrate teamwork by sharing selling techniques with Sales Assistants.
  • Monitor individual target in terms of daily and monthly sales.
  • Know how to handle objections from clients to conclude sales.
  • Act as a role model for Sales Assistants by demonstrating outstanding customer service.
  • Make clients dream by conveying a passion for the brand.
  • Act as a role model for Sales Assistants by demonstrating outstanding customer service.
  • Make clients dream by conveying a passion for the brand.
  • Welcome clients like a host.
  • Fill out and update the client book, build relationship with customers.
  • Ensure the upkeep of the sale space and the image of the store.
  • Contribute to stock management.
  • Able to maintain floor display area and merchandise.
  • Efficiently carry out delegated tasks.
  • Ensure customer service beyond reproach.


  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in luxury retail with good track record.
  • Computer literacy, well-versed in MS Office.
  • Ideal for currently a Senior Sales or Supervisor with strong potential.
  • Person who can motivate others with considerate, positive energy and leadership as well as being sociable.
  • Fashion expert who can express elegant and delicate of brand intensively.


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