• Job Title: Boutique Director
  • Industry: Luxury Retail
  • Location: Gangnam, Seoul
  • Level/Salary Range: Competitive Package
  1. The purpose
  • Responsible for sales growth and the development of the client portfolio
  • Ensure and personify compliance with Company values
  • Maintain outstanding customer service as per Company standards
  • Participate to the growth of the store and develop synergies
  1. Key Responsibilities

a. Management

  • Be a leader and keep your team motivated in order to achieve exceptional results.
  • Develop talents into your team by improving the skills of the supervisor and the sales team.
  • Manage the day to day operations of your department.
  • Responsible for the quality of the team (uniform, grooming, service…)
  • Support given for recruiting team and manage the integration of new joiners.
  • Transmit product and sales training to sales staff and optimize mystery shopping results.
  • Share ideas regularly and give regular feed backs to the Boutique Director.
  • Set appropriate priorities.

b. Improve store performance

  • Responsabilize the team, set objectives and improve understanding of the business through individual evaluations done regularly on monthly basis.
  • Know sales targets and KPI in order to push the sales team and motivate them: Morning meetings and punctual daily feed backs.
  • Share responsibility of coaching spot (to be done alternatively by the supervisor)
  • Set targets per product category and take the corrective measures when required.
  • Improve the cross sells of your department and the synergies through a positive communication within the Boutique.
  • Optimize sell-through by communicating with Boutique Director and Buyers when appropriate.
  • Upkeep the products you are in charge into the store by being following visual merchandising recommendations.

c. Lead by example when selling

  • Contribute to the global team performance by being a Role model.
  • Dedicate a large part of time to the shop floor and achieve personal sales (up 50% SA results).
  • Welcome clients like a host, identifying their expectations, encourage them to visit the entire Boutique and invite them to discover the universe of Brand.
  • Know how to create the best customer experience through a multi-sensorial selling style.

d. Customer relation and services

  • Guarantee the transmission of the passion for the Brand within the department.
  • Follow the fill out and update the client details (name, address, phone, emails and comments)
  • Control and master the use of the customer database and use it to optimize client loyalty.
  • Participate actively to events in the boutique.
  • Be a role model when inviting customers to discover the boutique.
  • Manage customer service that is beyond reproach (AS, complains, packaging…)
  • Represent the brand image within the department and the boutique:
  • Within your department, be a role model and transmit your passion for the Brand
    • In the boutique, show flexibility when supporting other departments in order to improve global turnover
    • Develop a clientele with a high potential and profile for sales
  • Ensure the upkeep of the selling space and the image of the boutique

 e. Back-Office support

  • Monitor and control stock inventories.

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