• Job Title: Boutique Manager
  • Industry: Luxury Retail
  • Location: Seoul
  • Level/Salary Range: Competitive Package

Role & Major Business

Major Role

  • Store performance
  • Develop a client portfolio
  • Team Management
  • Develop the Universe of brand
  • Maintain the Store Image
  • Back-office organization

Compulsory Business

  1. Store Performance:
  • Drive for results: Increase store sales
  • Set targets to your department managers and define their targets per product categories in line with the budget of the store
  • Achieve the targets set
  • Monthly and yearly budgets of the store
  • Sales results by product category across the departments
  • KPI Resources (hit rate, average sales, units per sale, capture rate…)
  • Optimize stock levels and sell through by knowing the trends and communicating with buyers
  • Communicate business updates regularly and efficiently to the Head Office
  1. Customer Relation and Services:
  • Be a role model, and host the clientele as in your own house, inside the store and increase customer flow by locally develop anetwork of clients and strengthening customer loyalty within a community, and develop a clientele with a high potential and profile for sales
  • Guarantee the correct upkeep of the client database and use it to optimize client loyalty
  • Responsible for the optimization of the use of the VIP Room, organize appointments with “Elite” customers
  • Active participation to events creation and organization of in order to develop sales of all product categories
  1. Team Management:
  • Be the leader by bringing prestige, vision and optimism to your teams.
  • Develop sales and management skills of your team, delegating responsibilities to your managers and controlling their performances regularly. (Monthly Touch Base)
  • Recruit staffs, integrate the new comers, motivate the team and develop their skills by applying briefings, ad hoc observation and coaching, feed-back, realignment and appraisal, and by giving a formal appraisal to each department manager on monthly basis, encouraging synergies between floors
  • Set appropriate priorities and know how to communicate them efficiently
  • Lead a weekly meeting to the whole sales team and participate to department meetings on daily basis
  1. Develop the Universe of brand:
  • Have a clear and positive vision of the business and be able to drive individual responsibilities in order to achieve substantial growth in each department
  • Find appropriate action to develop cross selling and improve the customer foot flow on each floor
  • Open to changes, able to take the corrective measures when required
  1. Maintain Store Image:
  • Ensure the upkeep of the selling space and the image of the store
  • Responsibility for the image and the service offered by the team (uniform, grooming, behavior…)
  • Upkeep the Store by following Visual Merchandising recommendations
  • Assure the shop operational maintenance up to standards with assigned contractors like daily cleaning and up keep, weekly light touch maintenance, trimester general review of the store condition
  1. Control the Back-office Organization:
  • Monitor inventories and check procedures applications in order to avoid stock losses
  • Run, supervise and act in case of staff or customer issues

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