• Job Title: Assistant Boutique Manager
  • Industry: Luxury Retail
  • Location: Seoul
  • Level/Salary Range: Competitive Package

Role & Major Business

Major Role

  • The assistant store manager is required to lend assistance to the store manager for the purpose of operating and managing a store through the following items
  • Requested to play a positive role in planning & implementing strategies for efficient, profitable operation
  • Requested to assist in managing the general store operation and to do the manager’s responsibilities when necessary
  • Required to be able to understand the contents of the guide book for staff operation and to apply them to store business as well as to confirm whether the guidelines are properly observed

Compulsory Business

  1. Staff Management
  • Requested to motivate the sales team to do their business effectively and efficiently
  • Requested to maintain a high level of job performance for all positions and to examine all staff members’ job performance periodically
  • Requested to understand the corporate operational philosophy, to fully convey and teach it to staff members while leading the staffs and giving job orders
  • Requested to train and supervise the store staffs
  • Requested to participate in employment, personnel matters, job performance evaluation and training in the manner of corresponding to company regulations
  • The assistant store manager is asked to help develop the employees to be equipped with qualifications for promotion
  • Advised to accurately understand the corporate grooming guidelines and code of conduct in customer service and to monitor if they are well observed by conveying them to employees, as well as to improve them when necessary
  • Requested to draw up the duty roster which is given in accordance with the staff capacity, position, business, and recent trends and to decide on required costs
  • Required to implement and maintain the safety & security regulation of the head office
  • Advised to improve & maintain smooth employee relations
  1. Inventory Management(Control)
  • Requested to implement the guidelines of the corporate internal business procedures and inventory loss control for preventing inventory disagreement
  • Requested to confirm whether the delivery & warehousing procedures are implemented as regulated and to report it to the headquarters every week
  • Required to supervise and carry out the proper operation of receipts for goods, intra-store goods movement and returned goods
  • Required to have an adequate knowledge of each item category, such as company-handled leather goods, shoes, ready-to-wear and accessories, etc. and to be able to cope with the circumstance that could occur at a store at any time through the knowledge
  • Requested to examine the commodity composition and to implement the procedures for maintaining the optimal inventory level which reflects sales & sales trend and customer preferences
  • Required to manage the returned goods and report the problems in goods to the headquarters
  • Requested to supervise and monitor whether a customer’s abnormal(damaged) goods were brought into the store in proper repairs to provide excellent customer service
  1. Sales Management
  • Requested to provide the best product quality together with effective and friendly customer service
  • Required to set the weekly, monthly, or daily sales target by product category with the sales team in order to fulfill the monthly sales target and to monitor
  • Advised to propose the action plan in cooperation with the store manager to promote individual product category and sales for customers
  • Required to supervise the staffs’ job performance for maintaining the best customer service
  • Required to set a clear goal and to develop action plan to get the best result suited for the level of the region where the store is located
  • Required to analyze diverse fields for deciding business direction and outlines
  1. Visual Merchandising & Store Cleanliness Maintenance
  • Required to go by the accurate visual guidelines to maintain the gentrified corporate image.
  • Requested to give changes to the window and interior display at a proper time to specialize a variety of new products under the VMD approval and to arouse the interest in the store
  • Advised to constantly keep the store in best cleanliness
  • Advised to give change to the window & interior display at a proper time in order to specialize a wide assortment of new products
  1. Administrative Management
  • Requested to manage the finish of daily task related to a cash register, credit card terminals, small change, and other remittances
  • Requested to supervise all matters about daily store operation including a daily report to the store manager
  • Advised to make good use of all functions of the sales system; particularly, the manager is asked to assist in understanding and closing the needed report and to share the collected information with staff members and the headquarters when necessary
  1. Communication & Reporting System
  • Required to have the capacity for doing personalized coaching of employees correspondingly by grasping each employee’s needs, matter of concern, and inclination
  • Requested to play a role as a bridge for smooth communication
  • Requested to do business report according to the accurate reporting system by business content
  • Required to maintain a good relationship through smooth communication with the headquarters, other stores, and related divisions as well as the related businesses
  • Required to get approval before implementing a plan or procedures
  1. Customer Service Management & Voluntary Regional Marketing Ability
  • Requested to set it as a goal to be ahead with a customer’s expectations in order to realize their best satisfaction all the time
  • Required to suggest the accurate guidelines on the basis of adequate understanding of corporate regulations on product exchange, reservations, delivery, alterations, individual handling, special orders and other circumstances, etc.
  • Advised to encourage and monitor customer development
  • Required to resolve a customer’s request and complaint(claim)
  • Requested to always give professional advice at a time of handling a customer’s needs
  • Required to supervise employees’ job performance to maintain the best customer service
  • Requested to retain and expand the VIP customer base by examining the VIP program periodically and analyzing the customer database in store, and through VIP customer management planning and its implementation
  • Requested to promote the corporate advancement by displaying the business sense on the basis of the understanding of the trends of the same business circles, business partner and other companies
  • Required to be able to understand competitors’ report and monthly report and to analyze the business of a store

 Other Business

  • Cooperation with the headquarters to adjust the inventory control
  • Implementation of the duty manager’s responsibilities when necessary
  • Employee morale boosting and smooth instruction of business review, daily target and other business matters at the same time during the morning assembly for employees
  • Composition of daily briefing for notifying daily target and business
  • Readjustment of cash portion of the store operation cost
  • Examination of customer visit & purchasing breakdown
  • Confirmation of employees’ reporting for duty
  • Required to accurately understand and analyze major indicators & performance goal, to set up individual goal, on the basis of which, to evaluate and train employees